Hello everyone and welcome to the EXCLUSIVE, Dr Charles 'Club', website! Your home for Dr-Charles approved, AMAZING ADVENTURE GOODS!

I am so excited to bring you this. It has been a dream of mine to share AMAZING, quality, WELL-PRICED merchandise with YOU, the fans of the 'Charles Kos', youtube channel.

Forget the major brands, or less common brands you have heard in adventure ware. They are but a 'midnight moonshadow' of the sheer quality found here. THIS is where it is at, some of the most luxurious products on Earth, hand selected and tested-in-the-field products by Charles himself. This is limited-quantity products of amazing-quality 'merch,' LEATHER-EMBOSSED by the exclusive 'Dr Charles-Australia' logo. (This is a hallmark of what I consider really fine quality), and available HERE ALONE!

By making a purchase, you will be helping me out, and helping yourself out, as you will have a VERY-limited edition product embossed and approved BY THE DOC of ANCIENT MYSTERIES on YOUTUBE!
Thank You!

Incredible Travel/Passport Wallet

So guys, imagine the SOFTEST leather ever. You know those Rolls Royces and Jaguars where you feel like you are damaging the leather just by sitting on it? Me Neither! But this leather is exactly the same kind! It's just incredible! Made by a local manufacturer only a suburb away from me! I was just so lucky to get my hands on these and you surely will be too!

You get this unbelievably good wallet, very limited edition (I have only a few, like... ten!) And these are just SO sumptuously styled. They come in THREE COLOURS!
After your purchase, I will email you and ask which colour you would like! Wooohoooo! PRICE, 35 USD, delivered WorldWide! Wow!!!

GREEN (exterior): Stunning interior colours!

Green Wallet

Green Wallet

Green Wallet

RED/ORANGE (exterior): Stunning interior patterns and colours!
Red Wallet

Red Wallet

Red Wallet

BLACK: (Black Interior)
Black Wallet



Amazing 13" REAL LEATHER Retro LAPTOP BAG! (I Only have TWO!)


So guys, saw this for a steep discount and got myself two examples, that's it! This leather is incredible and smells orgasmic! My philosophy is that only natural materials should be used in products, not artificial. Who likes plastics and so forth, but if you go to any department store this is what you will find. You will not find Chucky's INCREDIBLE natural products in major stores!

'Factory Seconds:'

(Cheaper and still very good and still helping me out! Wooohoo! Win Win eh!) I am literally just GIVING THESE AWAY to you guys! They are just TOO GOOD! PRICE 32 USD
Ok, so this side-business might not even be profitable AT ALL due to the high number of 'factory seconds' I am producing, in 'learning the leather craft!' Obviously I had to learn how to stamp the leather and stamp it well, without damaging anything else but this doesn't always work! This logo is a bit crooked so half price! You can't beat this! You can't get this quality for this price! Wooohooooo!


Factory Second Wallet:

Green Wallet

Green Wallet



THIS, Free Gold Ball-Point pen included with every purchase!

But wait there is more! All purchases come with a GOLD PEN! (Obviously not real gold) Wooohoooo! It just does NOT get any better than this! I just can't believe it myself! Wow!


Other brands suck!

100% Proof of this in the following video! Everything plastic man! :(